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Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

While Climate change might be an abstract concept to some, for Africans, this is not so. Today, the African people live with the reality of increasing frequent droughts that dries up pastures, starving livestock to death. Farmers are increasingly getting reduced yields due to unpredictable and infrequent rainfall. Floods and landslides are common events. Making matters worse for Africans is the lack of technology and finances to mitigate these impacts. Africa is proving that climate change neither does affect people the same way nor the equally and thus solutions to the impacts of climate change must be rights-based.

However, voices from the Global South, and Africa in particular, where climate injustices prevail, remain inaudible in global discussions. Academics and philanthropists from the Global North generally shape the narratives and debates on climate justice with limited presence and representation of Global South. Most importantly, the voices of frontline communities, who bear the devastating impacts of climate change, continue to miss out from climate justice debates.

To help change things, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance has taken a number of initiatives aimed at empowering different segments of society and capacity build them to speak up and out for themselves. One such initiative is the Nairobi Summer School which seeks to bring the voices of frontline communities into international arena. The School will address these challenges by developing a curriculum suited to the African contexts and for the purpose of enhancing advocacy on climate justice by younger activists. Specifically, the summer school will develop a trans-disciplinary curriculum for climate justice in the Global South.  


PACJA has a robust media relations approach which has seen it support the continental Pan African Media for Climate Change (PAMACC) which coalesces environmental journalists around Africa to network and bench-mark with each other and the African Climate Change and Environmental (ACCER) Awards. 

On ACCER Awards, PACJA is now in its 7th year since launching the African Climate Change and Environmental (ACCER) Award with the aim to incentivize and create a critical mass of journalists reporting on the area of climate change and environment and in the belief that it is through journalists that we can bring to light what happens in the dark, in the name of corruption, errors of commission and omission, all which have contributed to increased pollution, forest fires, cyclones, land/mudslides, droughts and flooding in Africa, though the causes are sometimes errors beyond our borders. Then of course there is the Pan African Parliament Forum on Climate Change, through which PACJA works with the members of parliament across Africa to build their capacity in understanding issues around climate change. 

PACJA also supports national platforms to lobby their governments on climate policy and legal frameworks.










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